Rational CA1ERRA.0000210 Half Size Combi Oven - Boilerless, 208-240v/3ph [Usually ships within 1 - 3 business days]

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Rational CA1ERRA.0000210 Description

For a long service life in high-volume operations, both the interior and exterior of the Rational CA1ERRA.0000210 iCombi Pro XS combi oven are constructed of rugged stainless steel. It's equipped with a triple-paned glass door to offer a clear view of the interior without letting heat escape, and its touchscreen controls are intuitive to operate. This unit features modes for cooking, roasting, baking, and grilling, and it has a temperature range of 85 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. To streamline cleaning, this unit includes one bucket of Active Green cleaner and one bucket of Care Tabs, and it's fitted with a retractable hand shower.

The Rational CA1ERRA.0000210 half-size combi oven is designed with four intelligent assistants to cook product at optimal settings in the shortest amount of time. Ensuring the food reaches safe, ideal levels, it's equipped with a six-point temperature probe. This unit's iCareSystem automatically cleans and removes limescale, preventing damaging buildup.

Product Details

  • Half-size unit
  • Accommodates (3) 12-in. x 14-in. steam pans, (4) 13-in. x 18-in. sheet pans, or (3) 2/3-GN pans
  • 6 operating modes for poultry, meat, fish, eggs, sides/desserts, and vegetables/baked goods
  • Modes for roasting, cooking, baking, and grilling
  • Temperature holding range: 85-572 degrees F
  • iDensityControl assistant uses intelligent sensors to manage climate and optimize food quality
  • iCookingSuite intelligence suggests cooking settings for best quality in shortest amount of time
  • iProductionManager automatically organizes best production sequence
  • iCareSystem automatically cleans and removes limescale
  • Interior and exterior made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Triple-paned glass door preserves heat and offers visibility
  • Equipped with retractable hand shower
  • 6-point core temperature probe
  • Touchscreen controls with simple icons for intuitive operation
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Includes 1 bucket of Active Green cleaner and 1 bucket of Care Tabs
  • 3/4-in. water inlet
  • 14.5-87 PSI flow rate

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 253/4 in. W x 217/8 in. D x 223/8 in. H
  • 5.7 kW
  • 208-240 V/60 Hz/3 ph

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iCombi Pro XS Combi Oven, electric, (3) 12" x 14" steam pan or (4) 13" x 18" sheet pan or (3) 2/3 GN pan capacity, intelligent cooking system with (4) assistants; iDensityControl, iCookingSuite, iProductionManager, & iCareSystem, (6) operating modes, (5) cooking methods, (3) manual operating modes, 85deg to 572degF temperature range, quick clean, care control, eco mode, 6-point core temperature probe, retractable hand shower, Ethernet interface, Wi-Fi enabled, includes (1) bucket of Active Green Cleaner & (1) bucket of Care Tabs, 208/240v/60/3-ph, 5.7 kW, IPX5, UL, cULus, NSF

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