Amana CK10 Cleaning Kit w/ 2 oz Oven Cleaner & 2 oz Shield Protectant for all ACP Ovens

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Amana CK10 Description

The Amana CK10 sample size cleaning kit is suitable for all ACP ovens and provides an accessible means to test both the oven cleaner and shield protectant before purchasing the full-size versions. Non-caustic cleaners should be used on ovens daily as best practice. After going over the oven with the cleaner, spraying a damp towel with the shield protectant and wiping down all interior surfaces will protect them from cooking byproducts, accelerate future cleaning time, and increase oven durability.

Product Details

  • Includes a 2-oz. bottle of oven cleaner, which cuts through grease to thoroughly clean oven and microwave cavities
  • Includes a 2-oz. bottle of oven shield protectant to seal the oven interior and help prevent damage
  • Can be used in all ACP ovens

Cleaning Kit, sample size, includes (1) 2 oz. bottle oven cleaner and (1) 2 oz. bottle oven shield protectant, suitable for all ACP, Inc. ovens

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