Crown Verity TG-1 69" Tailgate Grill with Beverage Compartments

Sale price$16,920.96


Take your creative culinary skills anywhere there's a road or a trail with this Crown Verity TG-1 69" tailgate grill! The Crown Verity TG-1 tailgate grill comes with one, pre-installed 48" stainless steel grill with dome cover. The 48" grill features an impressive 99,000 BTU, 6 burner propane heating system and a 46" wide cooking surface that lets you prepare perfectly grilled meals in no time.

Two insulated compartments in the front of the towable grill allow you to keep beverages, side dishes, or garnishes cold and ready-to-serve for hours. Each cold storage compartment measures 42"L x 19"W x 15"D. Both the grill and the trailer are made of rugged stainless steel and other weather resistant materials to handle the demands of both road travel and outdoor cooking.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 69"
Depth: 124"
Height: 52"

Cooking Surface Dimensions:
Width: 46"
Depth: 21"



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