Dormont 1675NPFS48 Yellow Gas Hose 3-4” Diameter 48 Inches

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Dormont 1675NPFS48 Yellow Gas Hose 3/4 Inch Diameter 48 Inches

  • Stationary Gas Connector
  • Yellow, Stainless Steel
  • PVC
  • BTU capacity 225,000
  • Inner diameter 3/4 inch
  • Length 48 inches

Countertop Gas Appliance Connector

The Dormont countertop connector is composed of a 304 stainless steel corrugated tube covered with a tight weave stainless steel braid.  The outside hose coating is a antimicrobial PVC coating that inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the connector.

Yellow Gas Hose

Dormont Stationary Gas Connector Hose, 3/4" inside dia., 48" long, coated with yellow antimicrobial PVC, NPFS connector, 225,000 BTU/hr minimum flow capacity, limited lifetime warranty

Dormont Manufacturing Approvals Certifications

Beware of fakes Dormont products offered at deep discounts. The fakes/bogus knock-offs are made with sub-par materials and poor quality control standards that jeopardize your restaurants safety.
  • NSF/ANSI 169 – Special-purpose food equipment and devices
  • ANSI Z21.24/CSA 6.10 – Connectors for gas appliances
  • ANSI Z21.75/CSA 6.27 – Connectors for outdoor gas appliances

Dormont 1675NPFS48 Yellow Gas Hose 3/4” Diameter 48 Inches Spec Sheet and Installation Instructions

Dormont 1675NPFS48 Yellow Gas Hose 3/4” Diamter 48 Inches

Dormont Gas Connector Installation Instructions

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