Frymaster PH155 Fryer - (1) 50 lb Vat, Liquid Propane

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Frymaster PH155 Description

The Frymaster PH155 LP fryer has a frying area that measures 14 inches by 15 inches by 412 inches. The frypot can hold up to 50 pounds of oil at a time. The frypot has a deep cold zone with a forward-sloped bottom where crumbs and food particles fall to be away from burners. The unit is designed this way so the particles do not get burned and ruin the flavor of oil. Temperature readings are almost accurate with the center-mounted probe. The infrared burners create an ideal heat transfer to oil.

The electronic ignition makes using the fryer easy. A digital controller makes using fryer features straightforward. The stainless steel construction of the cabinet and frypots is durable for commercial use and resistant to corrosion. The melt cycle liquefies solid shortening so you can use it instead of liquid oil if you choose. The boil-out feature is used to clean the frypot; heated water with detergent cleans oil deposits off. The Frymaster PH155 LP fryer is heated by propane gas.

Product Details

  • Heated by propane (LP) gas
  • 50-lb. oil capacity
  • Easy-to-clean open-pot design
  • Digital controller makes using the fryer simple
  • Stainless steel construction is heavy duty for commercial use and resists corrosion
  • Center-mounted temperature probe is placed for accurate temperature readings
  • Deep cold zone has a forward sloping bottom to push sediment below the burners
  • Infrared burners create ideal heat transfer to oil
  • Electronic ignition is easy to use
  • Automatic melt cycle makes using solid shortening possible
  • Automatic boil-out mode cleans the frypot to get rid of oil deposits
  • 2 twin baskets with rack-type support and basket hanger
  • 812-in. adjustable legs
  • Frying area measures 14 in. x 15 in. x 412 in. H
  • 80,000 BTU/hr. heat input
  • Overall Dimensions: 1558 in. W x 2958 in. D x 4558 in. H
  • CSA listed; NSF and ENERGY STAR certified

High Efficiency Fryer, LP gas, floor model, 50 lb. capacity, open frypot design, automatic melt cycle, boil-out temp control, electronic ignition, center mounted RTD, 1° compensating temperature probe, includes: rack-type basket support, basket hanger & twin baskets, stainless steel frypot, door & cabinet, legs, 80,000 BTU, NSF, ENERGY STAR®, Enerlogic®

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