Garland GIRCM60 35 1/2" Infrared Burner Gas Cheese Melter, Liquid Propane [Extended Lead Time 14+ days]

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Garland GIRCM60 Description

Using the Garland GIRCM60 cheese melter, users can toast bread, warm plates, and melt cheese on top of soups and pastas. This unit is compatible with Garland G60 G Series ranges. It is mounted on a flue riser and reinforced with a 24-inch-high shelf.

The Garland GIRCM60 cheese melter has two infrared burners with independent controls, and each delivers 15,000 BTU. The backsplash, sides, top, bottom, and heat shield are made of stainless steel, which is durable and can be cleaned quickly. To hold plates at different heights, the chrome-plated rack is adjustable to four positions.

Product Details

  • Designed to be combined with Garland G60 G Series ranges
  • 2 infrared burners each deliver 15,000 BTU with individual controls
  • Mounted on a flue riser with a 24-in.-high shelf
  • Rack assembly has 4 positions and is spring balanced
  • Grease pan can be removed for quick cleaning
  • Backsplash, sides, top, bottom, and heat shield are constructed of stainless steel
  • 6-in. rear and side clearances are required
  • Gas input ratings are listed for installations 2,000 ft. above sea level and lower. For higher elevations, call customer care at (800) 541-8683
  • 30,000 total BTU
  • CSA listed; NSF certified

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 59.06 in. W x 15 in. D x 21.19 in. H
  • Heated by LP gas

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Cheesemelter, liquid propane, 35-1/2" W, range mount, mounted on 59-1/16" W flue riser with 24" high shelf, (2) 15,000 BTU infrared burners, (4) position spring balanced rack assembly, removable grease pan, stainless steel top, front, sides, backsplash & bottom with heat shields, 30,000 BTU, CSA, NSF (Garland)

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