Pitco D9109105 40 lb Shortening Disposal Unit

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Pitco D9109105 Description

The Pitco D9109105 Fat Vat™ waste oil cart can be used to dispose of fryer oil safely from commercial restaurant operations. It has a 40-pound capacity—plenty of room for used product. This cart is lightweight for user-friendly transport and disposal. Wheels on the cart roll it forward, while a pair of stabilizing legs support the cart when it's stationary.

Product Details

  • 40-lb. capacity
  • Lightweight design improves transportation
  • Built-in clip enables cart hooking to oil disposal container
  • Spring-loaded cover
  • Front legs stabilize the cart when not moving
  • Wheels facilitate rolling and pushing
  • Overall dimensions: 15 in. W x 12 in. D x 3512 in. H

Fat Vat, safe oil transport system holds 40 lb. (5.3 gallons)

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