Southwood RG7 35-Chicken Gas Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Machine - NG

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Southwood RG7 35-Chicken Gas Heavy-Duty Rotisserie Machine (Natural Gas)

The Southwood RG7 (7-Spit,35 Chicken) Heavy-Duty Gas Rotisserie Machines are made of heavy gauge #430 steel and features high BTU burners behind ceramic bricks for a very powerful machine.  This produces a crispy and evenly cooked product in approximately 50 minutes (3.5lb Chicken).

The tempered front glass showcases a lighted oven that will impress your customers and drive impulse sales!  

Standard Features

  • Spits & Skewers Included
  • Tempered Glass Doors
  • Lighted for Beautiful Merchandising
  • Ceramic Bricks for even, continuous cooking
  • Individual Burner Controls
  • Drip Drawer for collecting fat drippings
  • Drawer can hold water for added humidity

Optional Features

  • Heavy Duty Lockable Casters
  • Quick Disconnect Gas Safety Hose
  • Additional Spits/Skewers Available
  • International Voltages Available

PLEASE NOTE:  This machine is configured for NG (Natural Gas) by default. 


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