Woodstone Radiant Gas-Fired Pizza Oven, WS-BL-4343-RFG-NG USED

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Woodstone T-Burner Gas-Fired Pizza Oven, WS-BL-4343-RFG-NG - USED

The Bistro 4343 oven features a door opening 24.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches high. The cooking area is 34 inches wide x 27 inches deep, resulting in a 6.4-square-foot cooking surface. A tensioned steel exoskeleton surrounding the hearth and dome perimeter ensures structural integrity and longevity. Wrapped in spun ceramic fiber insulation and requiring only a 1-inch side clearance to combustibles, the monolithic cast-ceramic hearth and monolithic dome rest on a black powder coat steel stand while the oven body is enclosed with stainless steel. The oven arrives completely assembled. However, using the optional Lifting System, the oven can be partially disassembled to fit through a 32-inch doorway—see the Installation and Operation Manual for details. It is ETL Listed, ready to install and is made in the USA. Information about custom finishes, tools and accessories can be found online at: woodstone-corp.com.


Configured to burn either natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP).*

RADIANT FLAME (RFG): Heated by an easily adjustable radiant flame (80,500 BTU/hr max. NG) located in the rear of the cooking chamber. User control ensures the ability to balance the oven’s radiated top heat with the heat being conducted and radiated from the floor


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