Carlisle 4037200 1" Flat Boar Pastry Brush

Sale price$12.16


1" Flat Boar Pastry Brush With Boar Bristles (40372-00)

  • Brush Width: 1 Inches.
  • Wood handle.
  • Durable, Water Resistant Boar bristles for basting meats and poultry.
  • Long reach brushes (40370, 40371) have 12" handles bent at a 45 angle to keep hands away from hot grills.
  • Double-boiled, bleached, and sterilized premium Boar bristles withstand temperatures up to 500F.
  • Bristles are epoxy-set in ferrules to provide superior bristle retention and to prevent bacteria harboring in air pockets.
  • Sold as: Each.
* Epoxy-set ferrules on all Sparta Pastry/Basting Brushes are especially designed for food service use; eliminating hazardous bacteria traps commonly found in other brushes.

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